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Ella former marathoner fitness

Former Marathoner Finds Fitness Training To Get Moving Again

When someone trains for marathons regularly and then stops there are a few different scenarios that a former marathoner may face. Some put weight on quickly and are looking to lose weight. Some want to change their fitness goals and turn to building muscles. And other long-time marathoners find that the wear and tear have worn out their bodies and they are looking to recover and improve on mobility.

Ella initially came to IQ Fitness because she was a former marathoner and was looking to get her body back on track at the age of 64. She has stayed with us because the custom fitness program worked for her and she thoroughly enjoyed our fitness community.

Ella’s post-marathon fitness

“Hello, my name is Ella cousins are. I’m a resident of Lansing, Michigan. I am 66 years so I came to IQ fit about two and a half years and the reason for coming here. After doing marathons for so many years, my body started to break down and I knew I needed to look for something that would get me moving, are back on the right track and we feel our running had taken a lot out of me. And after coming here, I was very pleased that they give you the individual attention that you are me. So no two people are doing the same thing. So you have an individual lives program. And IQ fit is such a community. We all feel like one big happy family here. You actually get a lot of support, a lot of encouragement along your journey, whatever your journey may be. It’s one of the best places as I indicated it works with the whole body.”

Whether you are a former marathoner, are training for a marathon, or are looking for a fitness community contact us for a free consultation to discuss how IQ Fit can help you.