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How We Help

Our personalized fitness plans work for three reasons – we assess and address any existing pains, we follow the science (the data), and we incorporate a bio-individuality approach to health and nutrition. Find out how we help those with old pain, those looking to get in shape, and how nutrition fits in with every personal fitness training program.

Let's solve what’s holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

1 - Let’s talk about old injuries and nagging pain.

Pain and tightness is a major problem. Pain limits what you can do, plus has a depressive effect on your brain. Worse, studies show pain also shortens your life because the less you move, the more you weigh, and the more health issues you develop.

How can you be in shape, get fit, participate in life, in experiences, in adventures and have fun if you are in pain or in fear of being injured? You can’t. And that sucks.

Tight muscles and joints are also a major issue as they limit your confidence when attempting an exercise or sport. Tightness is mostly due to neurological imbalances in your body. Sure there is a genetic component but let’s not use that as an excuse to avoid taking action.

Okay, so how do we tackle pain and blitz tightness? With data. We are data nerds… but no pocket protectors, we promise. We must gather information about your body before we can formulate a custom plan. Any fit pro that does not assess you first is risking you serious injury and poor results.

2 - Assessments and Data.

All I.Q. Fit Smarties will work with our assessment specialist, Dr Jason, and complete a world-class physical assessment. This crucial process identifies ALL issues from head to toe. And no this is not a “free training session” gimmick. This is a careful look at how you move in space.

Check this out. In our 20+ years of experience, back pain is often caused by locked-up ankle joints.  Shoulder pain is directly related to a rigid middle spine. A stiff neck and tension headache can be common symptoms of a shallow and dysfunctional breathing pattern. Typically knees hurt when the hip and foot are not working together. Your hips lack mobility when the deep hip flexors are chronically short… from sitting on your built-in pillow.

Are you done chasing pain??? Where the pain resides is rarely actually the cause. We sniff out the cause, solving the issue at the source. Your family doc can’t do that, nor a PT, nor a sports med doc. And, don’t get me started about those “one size fits all” online programs… geezus those are bad.

Your body works in systems, not in isolated joints. So chasing pain with a random massage, medication, or chiro adjustment won’t get you very far either. You need an assessment that explores your deep health to find out what’s holding you back. Then a great custom program, tailored to you. The badass part is once we start fixing the issues and show you how to maintain good alignment and quality movement, it’s PERMANENT!

This is ALL GAIN and NO PAIN!

3 - Let’s chat about nutrition, shall we.

If you are looking to have more energy, better gut, mental and overall health, then eating clean is essential. But why is eating clean so difficult and why hasn’t that worked for you in the past?

Whole food is just part of the issue. They are fo sho better than processed foods. But your immune system does not discriminate. It will put up a fight with whole and processed foods alike. This is because over your lifetime you have accumulated acquired food intolerances or food sensitivities.

This causes systemic inflammation. Inflammation causes gut issues, weight gain, decreased mental health, and low energy. One person’s kale is their superfood, while blueberries is another’s kryptonite. Repeat after me: there is no such thing as superfoods. In other words, eating clean isn’t good enough. If you want to win at this game it’s all about your BIO-INDIVIDUALITY. What foods do YOU need to thrive? Trust me. We see new clients weekly who eat fairly well but yet here they come, seeking out a better way.

The plot thickens when we add to the mix your body type (somatotype for science geeks here). How many grams of this or that do you need? What about micronutrients like vitamins and minerals? You might need supplements or they may be a waste of money for you. And no, Wal-Mart quality vitamin gummies are not helping, but thanks mom.

Our nutrition programs are not just evidence-based and backed by tons of scientific studies but they are also custom tailored to your goals and lifestyle. This means we meet you where you are at. Want to go low and slow, creating small changes over time? We got you. Want to go all in, ripping off slabs of excess fat like a hot knife through coconut oil? Just say the word. And we can be anywhere in between those two extremes.

When you see really fit influencers on social or celebrities at the award show who look hot, realize they are not genetically gifted. Okay, aside from Michael B. Jordan, they found out what works for THEM. Now it’s your turn to find out what works for YOU. It’s a fatal flaw to assume their workout and eating plan can get you the same results. And, just like fixing all the alignment and joint issues we discussed above, once you learn what your unique body needs and what it doesn’t, you will uncover your awesome health potential and keep it for LIFE.

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