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how personal training helped me

Personal Training Has Worked For Me…

Find out how personal training made me stronger and able to overcome back pain, knee pain, and hip pain just through exercise and diet.

Custom Training at IQfit

Personal training works well for people looking to be challenged, have accountability, and want one-on-one support. It is also great for people who want help developing a workout that will help them achieve their goals.

Nathan describes how personal training at IQfit worked for him. Note: Nathan is described as a “Smartie” that’s someone whose workout is smart at IQ Fit.

I’m stronger, my diet is better, and I’ve overcome back pain and knee pain and hip pain just through exercise and diet. ~ Nathan

Is it worth getting a personal trainer?


After college, I went into software so I ended up spending a lot of time at a desk.  Over time I lost the level of fitness I had in school. When I decided to go do some physical fitness, I realized I was just very weak and out of shape.

I went to various gyms tried working out on my own, but just couldn’t engage. There was no passion to keep at it. There was no goal that I had in mind. I just wanted to feel better.

Since I found IQfit everything has changed. When I started here I was really interested in personal training. I gave it a try. What really sold me was after the first time I missed a week, they called me and wanted to schedule some time. That told me they were actually really serious about me coming in, and my personal training. It wasn’t just signing up with a membership.

They’ve evolved over the years, and what that says to me is they’re constantly learning. They’re not just teaching me they’re also learning. They don’t do things the way they did five years ago. They’ve changed their programs, they’ve improved their techniques, their trainers are constantly improving. I’ve learned a ton in my time here. When you’re around people who are passionate about fitness you pick up on that.  It helps you stay engaged and help you get healthy. I’m stronger, my diet is better, and I’ve overcome back pain and knee pain and hip pain just through exercise and diet. And just taking better care of myself.

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