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strength training testimonial

Strength Training, Builds a Strong Core, Eliminates Pain, and Helps Avoid Injuries

Custom Strength Training At IQfit

Strength training customized for your personal strengths and weaknesses can not only help you feel more energized but can help eliminate pain. The elimination of pain has more to do with building strength to support your body. This could also include some lifestyle changes.

Custom Personal Fitness Training to Build Strength and Minimize Injuries

“My personal training coach at IQfit helped me develop a strength training workout to build a strong core, eliminate pain, and avoid injuries” – Dr Chinoy

Listen to Dr. Chinoy’s Video Testimonial

Transcript of Dr. Chinoy’s Testimonial:
“I belonged to several gyms in the past. I would always injure myself. Working out would cause my back to get strained and my knee and ankle to hurt.  Different parts of my body would get injured. The great thing about IQfit is that my fitness is tailored to my issues.

I found that I am not having back pain anymore. My knees, back, and ankles no longer hurt! Those are the three things that used to bother me a lot. They really don’t bother me at all.

I’m able to do other things that used to stress my back. Now they don’t hurt my back, because my core is stronger, my back is better. The other thing that I really like about Jason is he’s not just telling you how to work out he’s telling you how to have a healthier life. So it’s a very complete overall look at the health of your body, nutrition, workout, even just day to day how you stand, how you move your body, how you know have you just pose yourself so that you don’t injure yourself. That’s a big thing, especially as you are getting older (as I am).”

If you are looking to do some strength training with a fitness trainer make an appointment for a FREE phone consultation.

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