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2510 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing MI 48912

I.Q. Fit

Personal Fitness Training & Nutrition Coaching

Thrive Without Limits.

  • Nagging injuries or joint pain

  • Tightness, weight gain, feeling lethargic

  • Lack the know how to lift weights safely

  • Not sure what eating strategy is right for you

  • You’re an athlete who has reached a plateau

  • You loathe “big box” gym culture

  • You run from “no pain, no gain”

  • You lack necessary accountability

  • You are not getting results from working out

  • You’re an athlete who keeps getting injured

Then you haven’t found a solution that is designed for you and only you. That is the only real path to uncover the best you.

Lansing Personal Fitness Training

Why miss out on experiences money can’t buy??? It’s all in front of you; you just have to reach out.

  • Are you wishing you could jump at any adventure?
  • Do a “fun run” without a second thought?
  • Go backpacking in rugged mountain country?
  • Feel confident and look amazing when going out?
  • Have less downs and more ups – better mental health?

We completely get where you are at.

For nearly two decades, we have been helping thousands of people like you turn their life around with smart, custom, personal fitness training and nutrition coaching.

Our bullet-proof method for getting you out of pain, stronger, leaner, with tons of energy to boot

Book your free Phone Consult with iqfit
Book your free Phone Consult
Complete your FREE Fitness Assessment
Learn your Bio-Individual requirements to getting fit
Start your custom training plan; crush your goals.

If you have been working around the REAL issues by

  • Trying generic random programs

  • Asking your friends for advice

  • Asking your doctor for advice

  • Hiring a 19-year-old trainer at the big box gym

  • Blaming genetics for your current state of health

  • Trying to get super fit without a fit pro

You are sabotaging your own fitness success. It’s time to blaze a smarter path forward

The consequences are real if you fail to take control of your health. These may be around the corner.

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic illness
  • Missing out on living a full life
  • Missing out on adventures
  • Low self-esteem; leads to social avoidance
  • Get every cold and flu that comes around
  • Plagued with constant aches and pains
...and the list goes on.
I.Q. FIT coaching methods and benefits
Customized programming

You are unique and this means you need a unique plan or you will be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Nutrition Support

Fad diets don’t work. We customized your nutrition plan to work with your bio-individual needs, lifestyle, and goals.

Advanced Support

Our on-site Doctor of Natural Medicine is here to help solve even the toughest cases of internal disorders like low thyroid, gut problems, and chronic pain or movement limitations.

We specialize in helping you fix the core reason why you are not as fit or healthy as you could be. Our approach is smarter than counting calories and pushing around weights. We assess your movement capabilities, lifestyle, and learn where you want to be. We then create an expertly crafted training, nutrition, and wellness plan that will get you the results you are looking for. Our 70+ 5-star Google Reviews and 60+ 5-star Facebook reviews are just one way to prove we get results. Also, see our client stories at the bottom.
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I.Q. Fit is all about:


“no pain, no gain.”

We are 100% about meeting you where you are at. And our community is super inclusive, upbeat, and all about empowerment.

Maxed for time?


Just 2x per week can get you results. Plus take our app anywhere you go, no gym required.

Had a bad experience with a trainer or coach?


We’ll find out if this is the right program for you before you step foot in our facility. Ask about our 30 Day Results Promise if you want to kick the tires.

What’s the difference between a gym and a coach?

A gym is a giant box of machines, hamster wheels and no help whatsoever. 

A coach works closely with you to create the perfect plan, selects the appropriate tools, and supports you along the way.

Flashy steel, pizza parties, and rodent contraptions can’t do that.

Meet the Head Honcho, Dr Jason

Bio Dr Jason McCammon
Dr. Jason McCammon, ND, CHHP, BSci, NFPT, Pn1, Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine

Meet the Happiness Guru, Miss Kristin

Kristin is passionate about helping you get what you need to be successful. She ensures our clients’ needs are met outside the coaching program in terms of scheduling, answering questions, ensuring you stay connected to the program. She also loves knocking out that boring, make me want to poke my eyeballs out, back-end work.
bio Kristin McCammon
Kristin McCammon, BA Business

Meet the Lead Cowboy, Coach Carl

Carl will be sure your training program is the best it can be, every single session. In his world, technique is king, effort is money, and complaints are ignored. He will ensure you have an effective, fun, and injury-free experience. But beware, any snacks you bring with you might end up missing.
Carl bio
Carl Wilson, BSci Exercise, ACE

We have other trained, degreed, and certified personal trainers and team members who contribute when needed.

board certified american practitioners board
Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association
SHAPE Certified Practitioner

All our coaching staff has gone through background checks, reference checks, and many months of rigorous training and testing to have the privilege of being called “coach” here at I.Q. Fit. It’s a heavy responsibility we do not take lightly, which is why we have weekly continuous improvement meetings. All because you deserve our best.

This all sounds well and good, but will it work you.

If you are willing to be honest, forthright, humble, take expert advice and apply it to the best of your ability, then you have a virtually 100% chance of getting results. On the other hand, if you are more about whining than taking action, blaming than taking responsibility, and not ready to put your health first, then no, you will not get results here nor anywhere.
On our end it’s simple physics. We know how the body works. We simply need to uncover what your bio-individual strengths and weaknesses are. Once we have those, we create a 100% custom plan. Since it’s all evidence-based, backed by years of scientific literature, and years of experience, there is no way you fail unless you quit on yourself. But because we know you may have been burned by boot camps, Cr#ssF!t boxes, fad diets, doctors, gimmicks, gadgets, and that one shady dude at the local gym, we have a 30 day Results Promise
As humans, we are meant to:
Have tons of energy all day,
Be able to work but also play Hard,
create time for self care
Find Balance in life’s demands
Stop the reliance on caffeine and medication
Enjoy Experiences money can’t buy


Take a minute to visualize where you want to be a year from now.

What are you prepared to do TODAY to get there?

Click the link below to find out if we are a good fit for you. It's guaranteed to be the most enthralling 11 minutes of your day!


Jay M.

Overall, excellent place that fits my needs and goals. I wanted to join a place where it was more personal than commercial and this is a great place for it. I have been a member for two+ years and have really seen results! Starting with weight loss then moving to muscle building, I am happy. Coach Carl is wonderful to work with, as are the owners (as was Coach Max). The gym side is great, I have not tried the other part of the business which is currently developing and growing. The times the owner, Jason, has personally coached, he really knows his stuff and is exacting with movements ensuring low risk of injury and top notch results! I am happy to support a local family-owned business rather than a commercial for-profit mill. The best part is the members, who make it feel like being on a great team when you work out with the same folks! Kudos to all who hustle and grind day in and day out here!

Robert H.

Great personal gym. Really recommend it if you are in the Lansing area. Very attentive and knowledgeable staff and nice equipment. Really caters the workout to the trainee. They offer holistic approaches as well in order help you achieve a better self. Schedule a consultation and check them out!

Best personal training gym in all of East Lansing, I have been a member for 4 years and absolutely love coming to workout here. The owners and trainers are very welcoming and make you feel at home. Every workout is tailor made and specific to your personal goals. From nutrition advice to workouts they know it all!

Mary Jane B.

I have been a member of IQ for 16 years. They have kept me healthy and strong. I am 70 years old and can do 15 – 20 push-ups and do not take any medications. Jason helps me with my diet, tells me what supplements to take and works on my muscles when I overwork them. Thanks Jason, you are an awesome natropathic doctor with the goal to help as many people as you can.

Krista K.

I came to IQFit about 1 year ago and LOVE everything about it. I have gained strength and lost about 20 lbs of fat. The trainers and staff really care about you. I highly recommend them!!

Sharon C.

IQ is a good way to get your entire mind, your body problems and mental view on the right track. Also you will be taught how to eat healthy. You will receive a personalized training program developed specifically for you and you Alone. Your body problems such as bad knees, shoulders or legs doesn’t matter what your problem is it will be addressed immediately. The staff are friendly smart and attentive. Jason is a born cutting edge leader in this intellect meets health and weight loss arena.

Dr. Kylene V.

I have been training with Jason and his AWESOME team for almost 1 year and I am blown away by their knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism at the facility and in their 1-on-1 training. There is no cookie cutter approach and no guessing when it comes to your program at IQFIT! Every detail during your examination is thoroughly evaluated to determine your realistic goals. Not only have I been a client for almost a year but many of my patients have been for even longer. Jason really understands and lives the wellness lifestyle. He and his team are patient, not pushy and encouraging at all times! They love working with people who have problem areas and have done not only GREAT things for me and my health but for those of my patients too!! There is no better place to train in the Lansing area!!

Jill S.

Always welcoming with encouraging words and a positive environment. I started going here back at the end of January and normally go 4x week. I have lost weight and fat and gained muscle and strength. Thank you to Jason, coaches and staff.

Stacey K.

This place is great! Trainers are knowledgeable and friendly. It’s like you are part of the family. Classes are fun and high energy! Love going to the morning workouts!! Jason McCammon is a wealth of knowledge on fitness and nutrition!

Jadi F.

IQ Fit is a great gym for beginners like me! The Coaches are not only knowledgeable, but they genuinely desire to invest in the people they are working with and celebrate even the smallest of changes. I love supporting this locally owned business and can honestly say that they have had (and are continuing to have) a lasting impact upon my life.

Listen to what our members are saying…