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Fitness and wellness services include personal training, nutrition coaching, restorative therapy, and holistic healthcare.

Custom Personal Fitness Training

After an in-depth movement assessment is complete, our professional coaches design your custom training program to meet your goals, limitations, and lifestyle preferences. Your program starts low and slow, ramping up as your body gets stronger, with monthly updates to keep you from getting bored. You will be working with our certified coaches in a private, small group setting. Learn more about our custom personal fitness training services.

Nutrition Coaching

You will work with our nutrition specialist to create a custom eating pattern that works for your goals, timeline, and lifestyle. Plus, no two clients are the same, nor should their nutrition plan. We emphasize no fad-dieting and real foods. And, we meet you where you are at, moving at your speed; slow and steady or all in, it’s up to you. Check-ins provide accountability and ensure success.

Restorative Therapy

Our on-site Doctor of Natural Medicine will complete an in-depth clinical assessment with the goal of finding the root cause of your nagging, chronic pain. This is a far more successful approach than “chasing pain” around the body with medication or chiro adjustments that don’t hold. The therapy is designed with a blend of clinical treatments and at home therapy to finally solve life-altering pain once and for all.

Holistic Healthcare

Our on-site Doctor of Natural Medicine uses a host of non-invasive, natural testing modalities to dig into your “deep health.” Since blood lab reports only reveal maybe 10% of your functional health, you must dig deeper to find out what’s really going on. From there Dr. Jason will work with you, formulating custom Lifestyle Medicine to help heal and balance the underlying health challenges holding you back from expressing the best version of yourself. This dramatically increases energy and reduces chances of chronic illness.

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