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2510 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing MI 48912


I.Q. Fitness and Wellness Center

IQ Fit Custom Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

Our founder and owner, Dr. Jason McCammon, challenges himself and our team to bring world-class tools and methods to help our clients be their very best. Every. Single. Day.

Our Core Values

Learn, Do, and Teach, Relentlessly and Seek to Understand Before Being Understood.

What started in a spare 10×10 bedroom has become one of the premier fitness programs in the country. IQ Fit has partnered with Delta Dental. Consulted with Jackson National Life. Won local weight loss challenges. And, changed thousands of lives for the better… and that was all before lunch.


Dr Jason has spent decades chasing the most elite fitness coaches, nutritionists, and holistic doctors in the world. Attending countless seminars. Flying all over the country for years to learn from the best of the best. Constantly studying the literature to stay innovative and creative for our clients. But more than anything, our number one skill is listening to what our clients want and ensuring everything we do is delivered to meet their goals, not ours.


Our clients tell us all the time they have never seen anything like IQ Fit… when we stop hearing that, we done goofed up homie. We are unique because YOU are unique. If you want great results, you need a team who puts YOU first.

IQ Fit Leadership Staff:

Jason McCammon, President

Jason McCammon is a board-certified Doctor of Natural Medicine by the American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board, licensed by the G.E. Medical Association, National Federation of Professional Trainers First Class certified, Holistic Health Practitioner certified, Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified, and many other certifications that will bore you.

Jason’s Bio: I know what you are going through. No, for reals, I do! I have battled off 100 lbs of body fat and kept it off for nearly 20 years. I’ve overcome injuries to all major joints stemming from my college athletic career. I’ve put into remission severe gut and auto-immune challenges. And turned around depression, anxiety, and poor self-esteem. This is one of the major reasons IQ Fit is one of the longest-standing fitness programs in Michigan. I can truly relate to our clients (who we call Smarties). This empathy cannot be gleaned from any certification or online course as experience is the best teacher of all. I reside in Grand Ledge, happily married, and we have four kids that eat us out of house and home. Yes, we do take donations to Feed the McCammon Kids.

Dr Jason McCammon
Kristin McCammon, Office Manager

Kristin McCammon, BA. Business and Administration expert, Client Care Specialist, and certified in frustration by spending many hours on the phone with tech support to keep us serving our clients.

Kristen’s Bio: Health is my number one priority. Without that what do we have? I lost my sister at age 40 to cancer. You never know when your time is up, so I believe in taking action today. Live every moment with a purpose because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Making a client’s day is what makes my day. I’m privileged to be able to listen to our great staff push our Smarties through their sessions and achieve things they never thought were possible. I’m a busy mom with four kiddos so I have to stay healthy for them so I can be there for all their activities. And I want to actually BE here with them; in the moment; present. To that end, I have to work on my health every day. And then there’s this dude in my life… I guess more of a roommate I call my husband. Not a bad guy.

about Kristen of IQfit
Coach Carl

For the last 12 years, I’ve been drawn to the rush you feel after a great workout. The ache in your muscles, the heavy breath, the satisfaction of knowing each day I am becoming a better version of myself. Since high school, I’ve been drawn to the gym – whether it was to improve myself, to help pick me up on the tough days, or to relieve some stress. Since starting at IQ Fitness, I have been drawn to continuing to learn new techniques to help our Smarties feel the same satisfaction of working to become a better version of themselves and attain their goals. Whether it is to achieve a pain-free life, shed any unwanted weight or gaining muscle and definition in their bodies, I’m here to help! I call Saint Johns my home where I live with my wife and my two fur-chillins, Lily and Buddy. I look forward to the opportunity of being able to help you reach your goals as well. Now excuse me while I go lift a city bus!

coach Carl

IQ Fit has even more trained, degreed, and certified team members!

iqfit personal fitness team