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What People Say About IQ Fit

IQ Fit prides itself on specializing in helping you identify and fix the core reasons why you are not as fit or healthy as you could be. Our approach is smarter than counting calories and pushing around weights. (We call our clients SMARTIES). We assess your movement capabilities and lifestyle. And we listen to your goals. We then create an expertly crafted training, nutrition, and wellness plan that will get you the results you are looking for.

There are 70+ 5-star Google Reviews and 60+ 5-star Facebook Reviews 

Also, see some of client stories at the bottom in the testimonials on our BLOG.

Personal Trainer Testimonials

Great personal gym. Really recommend it if you are in the Lansing area. Very attentive and knowledgeable staff and nice equipment. Really caters the workout to the trainee. They offer holistic approaches as well in order help you achieve a better self. Schedule a consultation and check them out!” ~ Big Rob (Google Review)

“IQ is a good way to get your entire mind, your body problems and mental view on the right track. Also you will be taught how to eat healthy. You will receive a personalized training program developed specifically for you and you Alone. Your body problems such as bad knees, shoulders or legs doesn’t matter what your problem is it will be addressed immediately. The staff are friendly smart and attentive. Jason is a born cutting edge leader in this intellect meets health and weight loss arena.” ~ Sharon Civils (Google Review)

Nutrition Coach Testimonials

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my six weeks of training at I.Q. Fit. I am more fit than I previously was and I have lost both body weight and body fat. I highly recommend IQ Fit for their personalized attention, supportive working out environment and customized nutritional plans. Achieving your gym goals is a given when you stick to the counsel of the trainers. I found that with IQ Fit consistency comes naturally too 🙂 Thank you I.Q. Fit for imparting lifetime change to my life!!!” ~ Emmanuel Chima (Google Review)

“I have been a member of IQ for 16 years. They have kept me healthy and strong. I am 70 years old and can do 15 – 20 push-ups and do not take any medications. Jason helps me with my diet, tells me what supplements to take and works on my muscles when I overwork them. Thanks Jason, you are an awesome natropathic doctor with the goal to help as many people as you can.” ~ Mary Jane Bornemann (Google Review)

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