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2510 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing MI 48912
IQ Fit Lansing Personal Trainer

Lansing Personal Trainer: Jason McCammon

For the best Lansing personal trainer in the area visit I.Q. Fit which is located on Michigan Ave. Jason is one of the most in-demand personal trainers for people that live and work in Lansing Michigan. He is passionate about creating a true sense of wellness and inner strength by combining training programs at every level.

Jason believes that the key to a successful training program is personalization. He provides one-on-one attention to clients at every fitness level. Focusing on your unique fitness goals, Jason designs an individualized strategy that includes a diverse range of exercises tailored to your lifestyle. Utilizing techniques such as plyometric drills, cardiovascular conditioning, and weight resistance training, Jason will challenge your body and take it to the next level.

Physical Evaluation

Jason begins with a thorough, head-to-toe physical evaluation. From there, our specialist crafts your very own, unique personal fitness training program. Since every aspect of your program is specifically designed around your goals, limitations, and schedule, you will see the very highest level of success. This is how the best in the world coach their clients to become the best version of themselves.

I.Q. Fit’s Custom Coaching will get you stronger, toned, and increase lean body mass. It will also increase your functional fitness, which allows you to take on life at full steam. With increased energy and stamina, you will start to see improvements in your posture and gait.

While no trainer or coach can “treat” any injury or illness, our holistic program will give you the best chance to alleviate the issue.

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